Bikers'Festival Conditions for press accreditation

Press accreditation is granted on the basis of a number of very strict criteria.

Press accreditation is only granted to journalists who have been commissioned by a media and who derive income from this activity. This applies to all print journalists (including those working for online media), radio and television journalists, film crews and press photographers.

This accreditation is a tool enabling them to carry out their work in a professional manner. Under no circumstances is it free admission.


  • By definition, holders of an official press card have access to the pass. 
  • Journalists who do not have an official press card, but who submit a request and have a mandate from a media organisation, are accredited under certain conditions: 
    •  Recognised audiovisual media (national radio – regional and national TV); 
    • Local radio if the coverage area is within a 30km radius of the event; 
    • Print media with a sufficient circulation* (dailies – magazines – all-boxes); 
    • Digital media active in the motor sports sector and able to demonstrate a sufficient number* of visitors/readers/subscribers – statistics must be provided. To obtain accreditation on behalf of a website, the posts published on the websites in question must not be limited to a simple interpretation of the results. Personal BLOGS and Facebook pages are not accepted; 
    • Photographers affiliated to one of the recognised professional associations and who can present proof of professional insurance can obtain accreditation on condition that they are working on behalf of a media; 
    • Journalists or photographers working for a national or international press agency (Belga – Afp – PhotoNews – Reuters – etc…) can obtain accreditation on condition that they can present a mission order;


  • The following cases are excluded in all cases :
    • Amateur photographers;
    • Photographers working solely for websites;
    • Contributors to websites for drivers, co-drivers or teams;
    • Contributors and photographers to photo websites.


  • A maximum of 2 accreditations will be granted per media;
  • Each accredited photographer must provide proof of professional liability insurance; 
  • Accreditations will only be issued to adults over the age of 18;
  • An accreditation is strictly personal and cannot be transferred; 
  • Requests for accreditation must be submitted no later than 1 week before the event;
  • Each member of the press must complete a waiver in exchange of which they will receive a chasuble, available at the press room against a deposit of 20 euros;
  • The organisers reserve the right to withdraw accreditation in case of abuse or failure to comply with security directives;
  • The organisation reminds that in the absence of a class 1A operating permit issued by the DGTA, the use of drones outdoors is prohibited in accordance with the Royal Decree of 10 April 2016 ;
  • The organiser may make free use of the images broadcast by the accredited photographer; commercial use of these shots is excluded and is limited to the objectives of promoting the event.
  • The organiser is entirely free to determine what constitutes ’sufficient‘.

*up to the organizer 


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