Bikers'Festival ‘Full’ and ‘Light’ packages available for the ‘Moto Trail Ardenne’ and the ‘1000 Virages’

It has been said over and over, on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th August, motorcycle enthusiasts will be the kings on the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps. Among the numerous activities offered by DG Sport during the 1st Bikers’ Festival, two runs, the ‘Moto Trail Ardenne’, synonymous with a rural excursion, and the ‘1000 Virages’, reserved for road-going machines, will draw the attention of one and all … 

“This will be one of the ways of taking an active part in this top weekend entirely focussed on motorised two-wheel machines, Florian Jupsin, in the name of DG Sport explained. And though the success is clearly on hand, several ‘bikers have told us they would be missing these runs, being unavailable during these two days of this mid-August weekend! Seeing we are constantly listening to feedback from one and all, we have decided to adapt the offer for the ‘Moto Trail Ardenne’ and ‘1000 Virages’ activities. As from now we have a ‘Full’ formula, allowing one to tackle these courses throughout the two days, but also a ‘Light’ formula for all those who can only be present on one of the two days. In fact, no reason why these ‘bikers should be disadvantaged …”

This ‘Light’ formula covering one single day entitles one to the Saturday or Sunday roadbook, access to the Bikers’ Festival, lunch on the day in question, and for those who opt for the Saturday, access to the Bikers’Party in the evening! The accompanying person ticket remains relevant and in option, as well as the souvenir T-shirt …

With the setting-up of this 1st Bikers’ Festival, we wish above all to offer a maximum amount of pleasure to one and all by making these two days a true one-of-a-kind meeting, for all ‘bikers, Florian Jupsin continued. As such it is important to be in a position to react promptly in order to be able to satisfy as many people as possible. This is what we have done by introducing this ‘Light’ formula over one single day. It should also be noted that these two runs, ‘Moto Trail Ardenne’ and ’1000 Virages’, are devoid of any notion of competition and are based on roadbooks widely accessible to one and all …”  

As the saying goes: See you in Spa!   

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