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19/07/2023 Children welcome !

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You can be a biker… and a father or mother ! This, DG Sport has understood, which is why the […]

14/07/2023 A Ducati Camp as part of the Bikers’Festival !

Posté dans  Bikers'FestivalEdition 2023

Could DG Sport imagine an inaugural edition of the Bikers’Festival without the participation of Ducati ? Of course not ! […]

16/05/2023 ‘Full’ and ‘Light’ packages available for the ‘Moto Trail Ardenne’ and the ‘1000 Virages’

Posté dans  Bikers'FestivalEdition 2023Moto Trail Ardenne

It has been said over and over, on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th August, motorcycle enthusiasts will be the kings on the […]

06/04/2023 A 1st Bikers’Festival synonymous with a dynamic show!

Posté dans  Bikers'FestivalEdition 2023

This is a major novelty on the events front organised by DG Sport in 2023. Or rather a large-scale initiative […]

20/02/2023 The ‘1000 Virages’, a motorcycle tour as part of the Bikers’Festival!

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Let it be said, on the weekend of August 12 and 13, the 1st Bikers’Festival set up by DG Sport […]

20/02/2023 A Moto Trail Ardenne on the programme of the Bikers’Festival 2023!

Posté dans  Bikers'FestivalEdition 2023Moto Trail Ardenne

As previously announced by the organiser DG Sport, the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps will be entirely reserved to motorbikes over the […]

01/02/2023 The Bikers’Classics incorporated in a Bikers’Festival in 2023!

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For several editions DG Sport has been developing the Bikers’Classics concept, the undeniable major event for classic motorcycle enthusiasts on […]

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