The meeting place for bikers on August 10th and 11th!

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Bikers'Festival 2024

When DG Sport created the Bikers’ Festival at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit last year, its ambition was to bring together motorcycling for all times and all modes in a single event! A daring gamble… but a gamble that paid off! With riding sessions reserved for both modern and vintage machines, parades, static and dynamic exhibitions in the heart of the Bikers’ Village in the presence of a host of importers, prestigious guests at the Bikers’ Classics, spectacular events, rides up and down the hills, enduro and old-style trials, the Bikers’ Festival brought together and delighted all motorbike fans, with an ‘all-in-one’ formula that hit the bull’s-eye right from the start. It was an event that was eagerly awaited, and one that is already part of the good habits of every self-respecting biker…

11/07/2024 Ducati everywhere at the Bikers’ Festival 

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As we already saw last year, Ducati will be there again in force at the 2nd edition of the Bikers’ Festival, […]

11/07/2024 The Bikers’Classics, the common thread running through the Bikers’Festival!

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As part of the Bikers’ Festival, the Bikers’ Classics will be one of the highlights of the event organised by […]

11/07/2024 Test a motorbike for free, it’s possible!

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By staging a new edition of the Bikers’ Festival on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 August, DG Sport is aiming […]

14/05/2024 Full throttle for the 2 Days of Stavelot Revival

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It’s definitely part of the highlights of the Bikers’ Festival organised by DG Sport in the heart of summer! On […]

15/03/2024 Enduro Classic: registrations are now open!

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DG Sport has brought nobility to the 2 Days of Stavelot, in just two editions, the Revival has won over […]

17/02/2024 Moto Trail Ardenne and 1000 Virages: Riders to your registrations!

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Motorbikes will once again be royalty on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 August, with the second edition of the Bikers’ […]

22/01/2024 ‘Classics’ and sidecar registrations are now open!

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DG Sport clearly won unanimous support amongst two-wheel fans at the 1st Bikers’Festival last year, by combining motorcycles in all times and modes. After […]

01/12/2023 The 2024 Bikers’Festival will take place on the weekend of August 10 and 11

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The first edition of the Bikers’Festival in mid-August was a complete success. DG Sport succeeded in the ambitious challenge of […]

16/08/2023 The 1st Bikers’Festival won over the motorbike fans!

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A successful gamble for the teams of DG Sport! Last weekend the 1st Bikers’Festival was in full swing at the Circuit […]

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